National Capital Model Soldiers Society 2021 Virtual Show

March 13, 2021

Thanks to our staff and contest entrants for a great show!

Our “Virtual” 59th Washington Show was a big success, and we appreciate everyone’s support.  We had a great turnout online for our presentations and breakout sessions on March 13. Going into this our club really had no idea what the response would be or how we would make it succeed, but it all worked out thanks to the dedication of our club members and your contributions.  We ended up having over 400 entries and 100 entrants from at least 11 countries and the positive feedback from the participants and other modeling clubs has been tremendous. We gave out many gift certificates along with kits to both the category and special award winners, along with a closing raffle.  Thanks to our sponsors for furnishing these and please give them your support by patronizing their businesses.


We would also like to thank the members of our judging teams, consisting of hobbyists from all over including from our partner clubs.  It is far from ideal to assess work only through photographs, but everyone took it in stride and did the best they could.  With well over a thousand photos, it was quite the undertaking. Our intent was to keep this simple and fun. We know it has been challenging to get together as a community and to support our hobby, and we could not have done this without the contribution of our participants, who provided great inspiration to all of us.


Photos of the entries and award winners are available here and on our Facebook page:


As we have in the past, we still plan to have an in-person event here in September at our last venue, the Springfield Hilton in Virginia.  Please pencil in September 24 and 25 if you can attend, circumstances permitting.


All our best and keep on with the great work!

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Thanks to Our Sponsors

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 Contest Results

Judges Best of Show & Most Popular.jpg

Judges Best of Show & Most Popular

John Belcher


Best Junior - William Suringa.jpg

Best Junior

William Suringa


Best Diorama - Michael Scarborough.jpg

Best Diorama

Michael Scarborough


Best Ordnance

Richard Marotta

gundam open

Best Gundam Open

Handrin Nadir

gundam painters

Best Gundam Painters - Jonathan Baer.jpg

Best Gundam Painters

Jonathan Baer

sci-fi open

Best Fantasy Science Fiction Open - Davi

Best Fantasy

Science Fiction Open

David Powell

sci-fi painters

Best Fantasy Science Fiction Painters -

Best Fantasy

Science Fiction Painters

Neil Kilshaw

historical open

Best Historical Open - John

Best Historical Open

John Jeffries

historical painters

Best Historical Painters - John Belcher.

Best Historical Painters

John Belcher